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There are a lot of interesting web sites about using orality to share the Holy Scripture.

The following link provides a PDF document which includes a chart comparing 6 methodologies: http://www.simplythestory.org/downloads/PDFs/ION_TrainCurrMatrixR.pdf

http://conversation.lausanne.org/en/home/orality gives a good introduction about orality in the Lausanne Movement

http://www.oralstrategies.com has a lot of material in the area of strategies, field stories and resources. http://www.oralitystrategies.org/strategies.cfm?id=1 especially gave the author a lot of valuable input. Here you find a lot of information.

http://cbs4kids.org/ offers a very interesting approach for children. Under http://cbs4kids.org/link.html you will find a lot of other good links.

http://www.st4t.org ST4T is a fascinating program combining story telling and church planting movements.

http://simplythestory.org/oralbiblestories/ has a lot of material too.

http://www.siutraining.org/ offers another approach, a little bit different to the author’s one, as they insist on telling the story exactly as it is written in Holy Scripture.

Though all links have been checked, the author does not take any responsibility for the content of external web sites.

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